Brasidas was one of the first great Spartan heroes of the early Peloponnesian War, which lasted from 431-404 BC. While this campaign was the one he was most remembered for, his accomplishments and bravery made him a legend in his own time and throughout history.

Little is known of Brasidas' early life, but it is clear he was a full Spartan citizen who was born into a military environment, as all Spartan men must be. He would, at age seven, begin a regiment of training that would compare to our modern day Special Forces soldiers. By early adulthood, he would have certainly become a killing machine. During this time he would have been taught the skills of combat through teamwork, living off the land completely, and having little contact with others outside his regiment of Spartan soldiers.

What is known of Brasidas is that he was an exceptionally gifted war strategist and military planner. Alexander the Great marveled at Brasidas's cunning and based many of his military exploits on the ones applied to such great success by the noble Spartan general. To this day, military leaders study his campaigns and tactics to get an upper hand on their own enemies.

By the time Brasidas is mentioned by the Greek historian Thucydides, he is already one of Sparta's greatest military commanders. Prior to that, he must have led a heroic life that propelled him to be a general and living legend status among the Spartans. To the Athenians, Brasidas was clearly a enemy leader to be feared and respected.


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