Writing for the Web

Final Project


School's out for Summer, School's Out Forever!

By John Williamso

  • BIOLOGY - This in-depth class focuses on the very existence of life here on earth.
    Each module in this fascinating course offers answers to life's questions.

  • INTRO TO PHP - This is my toughest class and every step is a challenge. PHP is not
    a course for the faint of programming skills and will test the best programmer.

  • INTRO TO MY SQL - Where would we be without databases? Pretty disorganized, I
    would think. This course offers solutions to many common storage dilemmas.

  • TECHNOLOGY LAW - Great inventions and technologies need protection in the form of
    patents and copyright laws. This course delves deep into the past, present and future of tech law.

  • WRITING FOR THE WEB - The web is a fickle place and words are a valuable commodity. Can you squeeze the meaning in only a few sentences? Find out.

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